Terms and Conditions

FIRST. - USER REGISTRATION. User is any physical or legal person being part of the textile industry, as a designer, manufacturer, etc., interested in accessing the content on the website, concretely the showcases that Clients may have hosted on the website.

By the mere fact of signing up and by users obtaining a first password, users will be able to enjoy a restricted access to a limited part of the contents of the website. To access the entire website without limitations users must provide certain specific information of the user who wants to register in this mode.

Once the data provided, the managers of the website will send via email a username and password to access the site as user. User will be required to preserve and safeguard those keys, which are personal and confidential, and keep away from others.

The user expressively authorizes FASHION HUB EUROPE, SL to include the data provided in an automated file, including personal ones needed for the proper delivery of the services. The company responsible for the file will be FASHION HUB EUROPE, SL, established in Spain, in the town of Lloret de Mar (province of Girona), Avda.. Fenals Nr. 10, Ground Floor, Gate 7 (CP 17310), Contact Tel. (+34) 972 377 725 and email info@sewwand.com, as indicated for the purposes of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition under Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data.

SECOND. - USER RESPONSIBILITIES. The user declares by his responsibility that he’s of legal age, without any reduction in his legal capacity to be binding by accepting these terms, and states that he understands and accepts the terms of use of this website, as well as the specific thereof.

The user is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to the website, exempting from all responsibility FASHION HUB EUROPE, SL for errors or inaccuracies, whether voluntary or accidental.

The user accepts to use the content and services of the website for his own purpose, to respect and ensure respect of intellectual property and industrial rights of the website Clients, exempting FASHION HUB EUROPE, SL from any liability for such breaches, being due to always abstain in any case from:

  1. Provide to third parties access keys and passwords, as well as any information from the website.
  2. Reproduce, copy, distribute, transform, make available to third parties, and any other activity that can be done with the information contained in the present website, in whole or in part, as well as the designs, graphics or presentations materials included in the website regardless of their purpose and the means used to do so, without the expressed permission of FASHION HUB EUROPE, SL
  3. Remove, alter, or manipulate applications on the website, as well as their protection or security that may be installed in it.
  4. Engage in illegal activities, contrary to good faith, customs, morals or public order.

THIRD. - DISCLAIMERS AS TO THE CONTENT OF THE WEBSITE. The owner of the website, FASHION HUB EUROPE, SL, is not in any way responsible for the accuracy of the products advertised by its Clients, or its quality, conditions, benefits, etc.., so the user relieves any liability with regard to the products housed and advertised on the web site.

The links or links to other websites that appear on the site are provided to you for information purposes only, so that in no case FASHION HUB EUROPE, SL is responsible or liable for the products, indications, services, etc.. offered, provided or facilitated in or from the web pages pointed by these links.

FOURTH. - AUTHORIZATIONS OF FASHION HUB EUROPE, SL As the owner of the website www.sewwand.com, in any event reserves the right to:

  1. Stop the service or operation of the website when it considers it necessary, either for technical reasons or otherwise, without having to justify the interruption and without the user having any right to claim anything for any reason because of the interruption may it be temporary, permanent and / or definite.
  2. Limit the access, either temporarily or permanently, to users the owner see fit, without having to justify its decision and without the users being entitled to claim anything for any reason.
  3. Monitor the use of the website by the users and use the information of use to optimize the website for the benefit of the Clients.
  4. Use the data provided by users according to the company's own purpose and the website, as the production and publication of statistics, etc..,.

FIFTH. - JURISDICTION AND APPLICABLE JURISDICTION. Any controversy or dispute arising between FASHION HUB EUROPE, SL and a user because of the use of or arising from the website www.sewwand.com, shall be resolved in accordance with the Spanish legislation and other regulations that apply, including international conventions. Similarly, a judge or court designated by the rules and proceedings of the Spanish State shall have jurisdiction.

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