Knitted Fabrics from Italy

SMI Tessuti was founded in 1992 by Luca Mattei (current Chairman of the Directors Board), with the company name “SMI Knit fabric S.r.l.,” as part of the Gruppo Filatura Nivale (a business launched in 1962 and also owned by the Mattei family). The company has created a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability that has made it one of the most important woven fabric manufacturers of the Prato region. At the end of fiscal year 2001, to better respond to market demands in terms of organization and financial structure, it was decided to become a share corporation. In December 2001, the company assumed its current name, “SMI Tessuti S.p.A.”.
Despite its increasing growth in the world textile market, SMI Tessuti S.p.A. is certain that the proper choice is to emphasize a direct relationship with its clients, constantly offering them its most recent creations and personalized manufacturing services. 
The company’s mission is to concentrate its strengths on product Quality, understood not only as the purely technical quality of the fabrics, but also as the quality of all the services that SMI Tessuti S.p.A. offers its clients: deliveries guaranteed in the established times, continuous dialogue with the client, a high level of professionalism and competence, and production flexibility to meet the most diverse technical requirements. 
Thanks to the quality of its specialized technicians, over the years SMI Tessuti S.p.A. has successfully anticipated fashion’s constant evolutions and optimized production of increasingly diverse and complex items. It has taken the forefront in terms of innovation in fabrics, materials, and use of the most modern technologies; in fact, the European Community recently included it among the companies recognized for contributions to the community in research and development investments.
With approximately 60" of annual production devoted to export, especially to the European, American, and Japanese markets, SMI Tessuti S.p.A. has participated for years in the most important international trade shows. 
We are present in the following countries:
Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Russia (Moscow), England, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Iceland, Australia, USA (New York), Canada, and Argentina.

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