We perform printing, dyeing and finishing of natural, artificial and synthetic shuttle-woven fabrics.

The company was founded in 1945 originally as an activity of silk-throwing.
In 1956 it became a dyery and printwork factory and today it is considered among the most
qualified in providing textile processing, mainly on behalf of third parties.
The company performs of printing, dyeing and finishing of natural, artificial and
synthetic shuttle-woven fabrics.
These fabric categories, in particular polyester and polyamide ones, represent the main object of our work
especially as regards therecent activity of digital printworks used with transfer technology.
For this we are structured to provide the entire working cycle - supply of the tissue, the study and
development of the design, printing the design on paper, transferring it into fabric and final finishings.
The dyeing department is equipped with all types of dyeing machinery - at atmospheric
pressure and under pressure - for open-width and rope dyeing of woven fabrics and
elastic (mono and bi-elastic) - in order to extend its offering to a broad market
segment - technical article, fashion accessories, clothing and furniture.
Our strategy is to offer innovative solutions through constant investment in cuttingedge
production assets and human resources, in order to promptly satisfy the needs
of the worldwide reference market.
Our reality in numbers:
- made 40/50 dyeing baths a day;
- supplied on average about 150 samples a day from the laboratory;
- dyed approximately 8.000.000 linear meters per year.

Via Cava Ghiaia, 7 – 22045 Lambrugo (CO)



Tel: +39 031 60 72 19

Fax: +39 031 60 68 21

Mail: [email protected]


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