Our history & team

Sewwand was born in 2014 with the goal to provide fashion designers and textile buyers an ubiquitous digital platform to source fabrics, trimmings and any other fashion accessories from certified European manufacturers. Designers can easily find products uploaded in hi-definition and catalogued according to the textile industry criteria and directly request samples to suppliers. On the other hand, textile manufactures showcase their collections in a secure way, can customize their own galleries and can use Sewwand's platform as a private online catalogue for their salesforce.Sewwand manages the entire product upload process, from photo production to codification.Sewwand is the digital solution that facilitates the first step of sourcing in the textile industry and supports the communication flow of textile and fashion professionals.

Aware of the difficulties and limitations that long lead-times and geographical distances imply in the textile production process for both designers & buyers and suppliers, Sewwand consciously works on providing technical tools to remove such barriers and go beyond the traditional sourcing limits, enhancing business relationships among fashion professionals.

Andrea Raumer

CEO & Co-founder

Born in a family of textile entrepreneurs and married to a designer, Andrea undoubtedly carries fashion in his blood and heart.
Having taken his first professional steps within the family business, his restless inquisitiveness led his career through a rich and varied path in the industry, from trend analysis and forecast companies to knitwear suppliers.

Alessandro Stella

CTO & Co-founder

With a thorough knowledge of the production chain, Alessandro began to apply design and information technology at an early age.
His passion for computer and system engineering made him pivot from pure goods production to a more versatile environment, developing his career in the field of visual basics programming and oracle and sql databases programming.

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