Knitted Fabrics from Portugal

Located in the Barcelos, in the North of Portugal, the Matias & Araújo was founded in 1997, and its main business is the manufacture of knitted textiles. At the start of business management has used rented facilities with a total area of 500m ². The youth and entrepreneurial spirit of the managing partners and Antonio Araujo and Agostinho Matias in 2001 allowed M & A had committed themselves to achieve new goals and new challenges. To achieve this goal the company bought land with a total area of 5,000 square meters, located in the industrial park Lijó - Barcelos and built a new plant going to have facilities with a specific layout for the manufacture of a textile mesh area of approximately 2,200 m². In order to prepare the company to meet new challenges, Matias & Araújo invested in 2002 about 1,500,000 € in Facilities, Equipment, Organization and Management, Quality, Environment, Safety and Training of Human Resources, positioning the company at the forefront new forms of management and therefore to lead the sector. For its technology capacity, developing and designing new products and by offering quality products at competitive prices, M & A has managed to maintain a high growth in turnover. The developments demonstrate the excellent turnover have the years of 2002 and 2003 with growth of over 40% compared to the respective previous years. Realizing the importance and the capacity that human capital has in boosting the company’s M & A has maintained a careful work in this area, whether at recruitment or in training and development of skills. In 2003 the company has a team of 22 employees, with an average of 26 years of age, a factor which proved quite important in the ability and willingness to "learn" and "wanting to learn." The year 2003 was extremely useful and proved a success for M & A. The company gave 5 training in the areas of Quality, Environment, HST, Technology Organization of knitting and Informatics. 

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