Buttons from Portugal

Since its foundation in 1966, Louropel – Fabrica de Botoes, Lda, has steadily been dedicated to production and commerce of buttons. Initially nominated with its founder name, from its very beginning the company invested on its founder experience and knowledge by using a technology which was innovative even for that decade: the manufacturing of buttons from polyester resin.

The constant technological and infrastructure expansion of Louropel and its strategic location in the Ave Valley, centre of the evolving Portuguese textile industry, determined the change into its nowadays designation: Louropel – Fabrica de Botoes Lda.

The construction of two brand modern industrial units and the addition of updated production process have now Louropel led to be worldwide recognized as:

- The World biggest industry in the buttons production

- A Highly technical developed company with innovative manufacturing systems

- The unmatched market leader

Besides, to meet the international market growing demand, Louropeal has integrated its know-how and infrastructures to develop an unique and patented production cycle of an eco-friendly product called “Ecological Biodegradable Buttons” made from all natural components (Corozo, Cotton, Recycled paper, Semolina flour, Vegetables, Fruit, Wood, etc).

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