Indigo Fabrics from Spain

Industrias Morera is a textile Industry dedicated to the Dye and Finishing on Piece and Yarn.
The Factory is located in Avinyó, near Manresa, 70 Kmts North of Barcelona.
The production is carried out on more than 10.000 sq. Mts. of buildings and the company keeps on growing since it started on 1.924.
An efficient human team and a modern fully automated machinery are the bases to offer competitive and high quality products.
Constant preoccupation to improve products and services have taken the company among the leaders for each of these specialities.

Industrias Morera S.A. (Unitin) is a family business founded in 1.924. Since then has developed several activities in the textile business. From weaving to dye to sell fabrics for bed linen, clothing...

The company has actually 4 different departments. Yarn dye, piece dye, upholstery and denim.

At the beginning of the 70's Unitin started a complete production range of denim. From dyeing to weaving and selling fabric. In the 90's they developed and patented their own system to dye indigo yarn and present it on cones suitable for knitting. It is technically a difficult process and UNITIN are one of  the world that can do it. 

Since 2.005 Unitin have started to commercialize a full collection of knit fabrics. With them “tops” can be produced, and with the proper washing, will become unique and different. All the special effects and finishing that can be obtained on denim trousers (jeans) can be also obtained on tops. The possibilities are enormous.

All the industrial activity, from the dye of the yarn to the final control of the fabric is developed in Avinyó, north of Barcelona (Spain), fulfilling all the requirements of the EC standards.


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