Knitted Fabrics from Spain

Gèneres de Punt Fabrés was founded by Josep Fabrés Palomer in 1952. Within just a few years it had secured its place in the knitwear industry, but the company did not become a PLC until 1976 with the second generation of the family.
It slowly but surely increased its market share and expanded across Spain, Europe, North America and Australia. This meant the company had to move premises several times and it is currently in the Mata-Rocafonda industrial estate at Mataró in a facility which is a landmark in the town’s urban landscape.

Its long track record covering almost sixty years in the industry has brought it the recognition of the leading garment makers for the quality of Gèneres de Punt Fabrés products and service, and this has made it into the leading circular knit fabric manufacturer and marketer.
As a family business with highly qualified personnel it is highly cohesive with an easily identified leadership that is conveyed in the creativity of its designs, the quality of its fabrics and its innovative service.
Gèneres de Punt Fabrés has now reached its third generation and exports over 40% of its production.

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