Official Partnership

ATP, Portuguese textile association, represents the leading manufacturers in knitwear, textiles and garments in Portugal.

In the wake of the digitalization process of the textile industry, ATP believes Sewwand is a strategic partner that can enable its members to speed up the inevitable digitalization process by increasing visibility and presence in the international market and ultimately by strengthening the "made in Portugal" brand. With over 30 Portuguese manufactures, SWWD has caught the attention of ATP and agreed to partner on an exciting new project. 

Here listed some benefits of the partnership between ATP and SWWD. 

Official communication to ATP members about the membership and organization of periodical conferences about digital tools implementation in textile industry.

Partnership with Portuguese textile trade show “Moditissimo” and access to its Digital Trends Forum which also provides easy communication with its visitors year round.

Members will also have access to Sewwand trends information, collaboration with French Carlin Creative Bureau, via traditional and digital media as well as through the new ATP mobile application. 

Discount to ATP members who join Sewwand's digital platform. 

Digitalization of FROM PORTUGAL forums during the main industry’s exhibition, like Premiere Vision or Heim Textile, increasing the visibility of the Forums and giving the chance to visitors to request samples to suppliers directly from the Forums’ booth.

For further information: [email protected]


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